My One Word 2019


As I thought about what my #oneword should be for 2019, I wanted a word that was timely and intentional–one that addressed my current season of life, professionally and personally.

My life, as with the lives of many, has a lot going on.  My husband and I both work full time and are fully committed to our careers.  We are equally committed to our two children, a six-year-old and four-month-old.  Along with that, we are committed to growing our marriage, our financial outlook, health, and our personal growth.

I don’t use the term “busy,” because it’s an overused term and we all have the same minutes in a day to get things accomplished.  But, there are times when I allow myself to be rushed, so I fail to…

  • enjoy the moment
  • parent with love and logic
  • be strategic in my work
  • be intentional with my marriage
  • make good food choices
  • etc

My one word is PAUSE.  We think we don’t have time to pause, but that is a lie we tell ourselves.  We control our time way more than we think we do.

In 2019, I will pause to…

  • teach my six-year-old how to make good choices, not just lecture that he should
  • intentionally plan quality time with my husband
  • enjoy the precious moments of our baby growing up
  • make good food choices
  • be strategic in my work
  • really listen to the perspective of others
  • have a conversation with others to build relationships
  • remind myself to give myself grace
  • just to take in life
  • etc

That list of reasons to pause could go on and on.  My commitment is to pause to live a better life.  Life can control you or you can strategically implement life.  I choose to pause and to strategically implement.

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