To the Teachers of Our Child

To the Teachers of Our Child

This is my fifteenth year in education and as with every new year, I learn so many new things as each year brings unique experiences.

This year is an experience that is deeply personal as we send our curly-haired little five-year-old off to school.  I am confident this extroverted little guy is ready. He is excited and he has a heart for teachers.

I am also ready, though admittedly a little jealous, of those who get to spend more time with our child than I do.

However, I have full confidence in the teachers that will impact his life. I know, because I have lived in your shoes and I know your hearts.

To the teachers of our child, I want you to know:

  1. Your are a highly significant person in the life of our child.
  2. You teach our child about friendships and kindness.
  3. You teach our child about grace as you help him navigate past his mistakes, fully accepting and valuing who he is.
  4. You teach our child about joy and laughter.
  5. You provide safety for our child: physical safety, emotional safety and safety in learning.
  6. You facilitate confidence in our child.
  7. You facilitate a growth mindset in our child.
  8. You facilitate emotional intelligence in our child.
  9. You facilitate courage in our child.
  10. You teach our child to use his strengths to add value to the world.
  11. You teach our child to overcome obstacles.
  12. You teach our child responsibility and integrity.
  13. You are literally helping to raise our child. And, for that, I am eternally grateful.
  14. Oh, and you also teach a massive amount of curricular items as well. 🙂

To the teachers of our child, I know teaching is exhausting, mentally, physically and yes even emotionally. I know you sometimes tire (understandably so) of the hours, and yes, sometimes you wish you were with your family more (which makes me tear up for you).

But know, you impact our child, all of our children in immeasurable ways.  Thank you for your work ethic, your efforts and your hearts!






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