So, How DO You Teach Fluency?

If you refer to a post I wrote in January ( The Power of Fluency Instruction ) you will see that we discussed the importance of fluency instruction. It is truly a bridge between phonics and comprehension.   With 10 years of experience in the classroom, I know all too well that what teachers need is not just theory and rationale, but also practicalities…resources they can actually take and use in their classrooms.  With that said, here are some fluency resources to supplement what you are already doing in your reading block.

Fluency K-2 Lesson This is a video on fluency instruction at the kindergarten through second grade level.  It was posted by the Teacher’s College Reading and Writing Project, led by Lucy Calkins.

Fluency lessons This is a document that has easy-to-implement fluency lessons for all levels of readers.

Fluency practice outline This is a lesson approach by Timothy Rassinski and Nancy Padak that includes modeled reading, assisted reading, repeated reading, performance reading, word study and home and school involvement. It was put out by the International Reading Association.

Fluency Station Resources Here are some books you can purchase through The Literacy Store.  They are books you could put in a fluency literacy station.

Student fluency rubric This is a student fluency rubric put out by

Timothy Raskinski on itunes I would highly suggest these podcasts by Timothy Rasinski put out by Teacher Created Materials.  They are concise and help to explain clearly why fluency instruction is crucial.

5 thoughts on “So, How DO You Teach Fluency?

  1. Hi Annie, my name is Elizabeth Kessler and I am a student at the University of South Alabama, attending EDM 310 currently. I really enjoyed what your summary on “Breaking Barrier’s” is all about. I agree that it takes a special kind of person to help cultivate a child’s learning by breaking down their surrounding walls. I also believe that comprehension is the key to any learning success. If the material isn’t grapsed and understood, how can one gain any knowledge or skill? I also like and will reference your resources as well, thank you for sharing.

  2. Alyx

    My name is Alyx Kellam and I am a student in EDM310 at the University of South Alabama and I was assigned to comment on your blog this week. These seem like some great resources to use in the classroom. I recently learned about the importance of fluency in a reading class I took last semester. These resources seem like they would be really useful and helpful in my future classroom.

    Alyx Kellam

  3. Hi,
    My name is Luana Madden, and I am a student in EDM310 at the University of South Alabama. This week I was assigned to comment on your blog. I’m so glad you shared this post. I particularly like the video with the teacher reading to her class with variations in her voice, and singing. This was very helpful to me because I am wanting to teach kindergarten. I will be summarizing your post on my blog at on April 27, 2014. Thanks again for the helpful resources you have shared.


  4. Hi! My name is Taylor Anglado and I am an EDM 310 student from the University of South Alabama. I found this post to be extremely interesting. I especially liked the K-2 link that you shared, because that is the age range that I am hoping to teach one day. I think that singing is a great way to keep the students interested, and I really liked how they used a common song (The Wheels on the Bus) and turned it into something completely different that relates to what they are currently learning. Thank you so much for sharing these resources; I am positive that they will be of tremendous help to me in my future classroom!

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