Embarking on New Adventures

As one ventures through the moments of successes and challenges in a teaching career, we all find that part of teaching that we are a little more passionate about as compared to the others.  For me, that is the area of all things reading: instruction, motivation, interventions, and reading as it relates to professional development.  After teaching for ten years, a door was opened that allowed me to focus all my energies on my passion for reading.  For that, I am extremely grateful.   After spending eight years in fifth grade and two years in third, I am now forging forward as a reading interventionist.

As all of you know who are able to seize and embrace your passion, the enthusiasm that now exists inside of me is immense!  There is just something special about helping kids find that there are amazing adventures in books and books are one big piece of the puzzle of life’s success.  I think we would find that if we become more alliterate nation (meaning we are all life-long readers) it would to ease and even eliminate some of the woes that face individuals and communities in our country.

This position also allows me to pursue my love of learning.  This summer I have immersed myself in learning as much as I can about the five components of reading, an area where I already had a solid base. However, when it comes to reading instruction, there is always more to learn.  Teaching reading is complex and to be done effectively takes a lot of hard work. I look forward to walking beside other teachers as we work towards helping all kids have a firm grasp of these five components.

In addition to working towards my strengths, I also look forward to this position stretching me beyond what I have previously encountered.  Leadership is an area where I have begun to read and research a decent amount, but had not yet had the opportunity to put my knowledge into practice.  This position will allow for that.

Because of this change, breakingeducationbarriers will likely have posts devoted to all things reading.   Though I’m sure I’ll still throw in lessons learned on leadership, technology and instruction in general.  I hope that I can offer not only myself, but you a chance to learn.

One thought on “Embarking on New Adventures

  1. Ms. Palmer, It is nice to see a teacher pursuing their passions within the realm of education. I agree wholeheartedly that teaching students not only to read, but to be “life-long readers” is very important. Reading is the foundation to almost everything academic, and is a very crucial factor when building upon education and that will ultimately “eliminate some of the woes that face individuals and communities in our country.” Good luck on working on your leadership strengths in your new position, and I look forward to reading future posts.

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